Record Attendance and No Mishaps at Annual "Running of the Pigs" Weekend

The Annual Running of the Pigs Weekend held in the town of New Pork enjoyed a record-attending crowd. 19 citizens from throughout Sweet Swine County were recorded to have taken part in a weekend that culminated with the crowning of Miss New Pork. Sweet Swine Scoop is happy to report that not one single injury happened at this year's event! Indeed, this event has long been one of the safest found in the county. Sweet Swine Scoop readers may remember the only recorded mishap at the Running of the Pigs was in 1956 when Aunt Ella's pork-pie hat blew off her head and poked one of the running pigs in the eye, causing that pig to lose the race.

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  1. This is not safe I tell you!! Sixteen years without an injury,statictically this is going to be a disaster some day.