Swine Song Commune's Famous Band "The Lip-Synchers" Begins 5-Town Reunion Tour

Swine Song Commune's most successful band, The Lip-Synchers, is departing on a five-town reunion tour. The band that took Sweet Swine County by storm in the mid-1980s broke up when lead lip-syncher, Buster Jones (The Big Porker), insisted that fellow bandmates accept his girlfriend (Betty Thompson) into the band. After a much-publicized fight ensued over the choice of lip-synching song titles, The Big Porker left the band in a lippy huff to pursue a solo career in Europe. Differences have been ironed out, and all the original Lip-Synchers, including Betty Thompson, are reuniting for this tour. At a recent rehearsal Sweet Swine Scoop noticed that the band members' lips seem to be looser than ever. Tickets at all 5-town venues are selling like hotcakes.

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