Cousin John Becomes "Publisher and Chief Editor" of Sweet Swine Scoop!

Ownership of the award-winning online magazine "Sweet Swine Scoop" unexpectedly fell into John Robert Olson's (Cousin John) lap after he recently won it in a poker game. Cousin John is well known as Sweet Swine County's most enterprising entreprenuer and eligible bachelor. Although he knew little about the real "reporting business," he's been snooping around other folks' business in Sweet Swine County for years (mostly for his personal gain). Cousin John believes in the saying that "knowledge is power, and knowing other people's business makes you powerfully rich!" After staking his claim to the prize he won by bluffing his way through that poker game at 2:46 a.m. recently, he knew he'd hit it big. He rubbed it into his tablemates by saying, "I'm one lucky chicken plucker!" He immediately had cards printed up saying "Publisher and Chief Editor" and set about to merge this extremely popular online magazine into the rest of his empire that includes ownership of KLUK TV, the Daily Boar newspaper, a chicken-plucking business and many other concerns. One thing is sure, The Scoop is read by every single resident of Sweet Swine County every day. If you've got a hair's breath of sense, so will you!

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